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Worldprofit was founded in 1994 by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter, and George Kosch. Since that time more than 1.2 million people have become members and the company has helped tens of thousands of individuals learn how to make money online. If you invest a little time to read this page and watch our introductory video… you can become our next success story!

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My name is James Holmes and I have created this blog “My World Profit” to help YOU make money online period! I researched Worldprofit more thoroughly than any company that I have partnered with in my 30 years in business. I invested a tremendous amount of time doing my due diligence because given all that Worldprofit promises, I knew it was either the most genius 16 year old company on the internet or a clever fraud… one or the other!

My personal business model is a “multiple income streams” model much as has been taught by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and other prominent entrepreneurs. Worldprofit has been added to my sales funnel and beyond being an income opportunity within itself, the SEO, ClickBank and other tools included in their Silver package will allow me to more successfully leverage my other income streams.


Worldprofit is an Internet Marketing community founded in 1994 by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, George Kosch and Sandi Hunter. The business model and founding of the company have evolved from an idea launched at an Edminton, Alberta, Canada kitchen table, to one of the top 5 Internet Home Businesses online according to Alexa.

Worldprofit has established themselves as home business experts and provide a comprehensive home business training program known as the “Millionaire Bootcamp,” which is taught by George Kosch a former Canadian Air Force flight instructor who is one of the most innovative marketers on the Internet.

As a result of their business model, Worldprofit has become one of the largest website hosting providers in Western Canada, providing e-commerce tools, software, web-based training, elite education, marketing resources, traffic systems, web design, information products and the list continues to grow! Worldprofit provides a reliable Internet based home business to a worldwide market with associates from literally every English speaking country.

In August 2010 Worldprofit will celebrate their 16th year as a leading home business and they have had over 650,000 free associates sign-up into their system and this number continues to grow everyday. Associates have the opportunity to access a variety of resources designed to deliver traffic and leads to promote the website or business of their choice. There is an upgrade to a paid level of membership, which is a turnkey business that been has proven to work for thousands of people from all walks of life.

Over that past eighteen months, Worldprofit has transformed itself into the most powerful ClickBank product marketing system available today, which allows every member from the novice marketer to the most skilled professional to launched dozens of ClickBank campaigns and promote more than 10,000 products all with the click of a few buttons using their “ClickBank Promo Toolkit.” This system breaks through the barriers that often prevent would be affiliate marketers from true financial success.

Worldprofit has a simple mission to provide people worldwide with the tools, training and resources necessary to earn real income online from home leveraging multiple sources of income to create a sustainable business.

Worldprofit has been fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau since November 2000 and caries an A- Rating. To see Worldprofit’s rating on the Better Business Bureau website click here BBB Reliability Report and be sure to read the complete report.

Worldprofit Home Business Experts by James Holmes

Here are the key points that have lead me to a logical decision:

1. Worldprofit is a sixteen year old company with an exceptional track record and very few valid complaints.

2. Worldprofit has maintained accreditation with the Better Business Buereau since November 2000.

3. Worldprofit ’s founders are all recognized and respected leaders in the Internet Marketing Community

4. Worldprofit’s “Millionaire Bootcamp” is a great fast start resource for new marketers and experienced marketers alike. The bootcamp provides new members to begin making money as quickly as possible.

5. Worldprofit has 24/7 live monitors that help the members close sales, so it is a leveraged business.

6. Worldprofit provides thousands of dollars in software and web-based services to drive traffic and increase search results in all of the major search engines.

7. Worldprofit provides turnkey websites, landing pages, ads and traffic systems that solve many of the “sticking points” that cause people to fail online. I know how to leverage these resources, so this will allow me to help more people make money online.

8. Worldprofit has placed the entire 10,000 plus ClickBank product library on my site along with pre-written marketing campaigns and product sales letters that I can market at the push of a button (this is new).

9. Worldprofit has a supportive community and I have enjoyed meeting a number of their top producers who are serious marketers.

10. Worldprofit provides a unique mentor-ship opportunity as Dr. Jeffrey Lant, George Kosch, and Sandi Hunter are all experienced marketers and are highly accessible to the memebrs of the community.

I plan to post regulary on my journey to implement the Worldprofit model into my business. As always, I will be completely transparent about what is working for me within the business and what I am doing to get results.

I can share with you that as I write this post, I have graduated from the “Millionaire Bootcamp,” driven traffic to my Worldprofit site and made enough sales to be ranked #11 for the month among all Worldprofit dealers. So, I guess I am off to a really good start after my first week.

The good news for you is that everything I have done to achieve this is 100% duplicatable by anyone who has the desire and work ethic to achieve success online. Be sure to visit my new blog regularly as I will be posting and sharing “what is working” so that you can have the same results should you chose to take action!

I am here to help you succeed in your business and live a life of true freedom… the Internet lifestyle!

If you want to learn more about me visit: The Internet Business Blueprint

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