Worldprofit Scam or Mis-Understood?

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Worldprofit Scam or Misunderstood?

Worldprofit Scam or Mis-Understood?

Is Worldprofit a Scam or Legitimate?


I was recently conducting a Google search to explore some of the reviews for Worldprofit and noticed that many of the reviews presented inaccurate or out of date information. By reviewing the reviews, I find that the majority of the writers have never actually been a member of the program or base their decision strictly on their opinion of Dr. Jeffrey Lant, the CEO and company co-founder. As a result, most of these reviews, blog post, and articles lack credibility.

I regularly invest the time required to submit constructive comments offering another point of view from someone who has done extensive due diligence on Worldprofit and it’s founder. As a successful member of the community, I am not a non-biased reviewer… I love this program and have made consistent monthly income here.

I recently added my review to a site called “” and I wanted to share it with you here as follows:

I wanted to share my own personal experiences concerning Worldprofit, Dr. Jeffrey Lant (CEO), Sandi Hunter (President), and George Kosch (Tech Chief) as a Platinum Member since May 12, 2010. I have invested in the program financially in addition to my time working closely with Dr. Lant as a “live monitor,” which I believe qualifies me to render an informed opinion.

First, it is important to note that Worldprofit was completely transformed in late 2008 to early 2009 as Worldprofit partnered with Clickbank to become a major training and marketing platform for Clickbank products. In addition, the company made quantum leaps as a developer and provider of automated SEO and traffic generation systems.

The core product of Worldprofit is still their Silver Package ($99.95 month to month no contract) and their Platinum Package ($149.95 month to month no contract) and the sales support provided by the 24/7 Live Business Center, which is unique online.

Worldprofit was founded in August 1994 and for the past since 2000 has been fully Accredited by the Better Business Bureau maintaining an “A Rating” with no outstanding complaints.

In my observation almost all of the critical reviews of Worldprofit center on the often abrasive personality of Dr. Jeffrey Lant. I must admit that it took a little time to become comfortable with his manner. He is certainly impatient and often rude to visitors to Worldprofit. This fact has overshadowed the tremendous value the company represents for many people.

Although Dr. Lant represents a lightning rod for criticism, his dedication to Worldprofit‘s members and his expertise in the field of marketing is unquestioned and has been recommended by many top authors and business coaches. Dr. Lant has published 16 books and thousands of articles. He holds three degrees and is a Harvard Graduate.

I began to understand Dr. Lant as I began to view him like an athletic coach. When I was a kid, I recall my football coach would make some of the most unthinkable comments to me and my teammates. His intention was to help us break through our own self limiting beliefs about ourselves and fears to achieve results… to actually take action and accomplish something we said we wanted. This is exactly what Dr. Lant does and some people have difficulty accepting his approach.

The remaining company founders Sandi Hunter and George Kosch are phenomenal people who possess huge hearts for serving their members. Sandi Hunter is a highly respected graphic designer and George Kosch a brilliant innovator of web-based systems. Both are fully accessible to Worldprofit members.

The primary reason that I have been profitable every month since joining Worldprofit is because of their “Millionaire Bootcamp Training System” and integrated viral marketing platform. I personally utilize these resources to market a number of products and programs online beyond simply recruiting others into Worldprofit. The automated systems and traffic resources have allowed me to build my primary online business and a downline at Worldprofit from which I earn commissions.

Based on my experiences with both the company and it’s founders, I cannot foresee any reason why I would discontinue my membership at Worldprofit. I consider Dr. Lant and George Kosch as personal mentors and it would cost several hundred dollars per month to replace all of the systems and services included in my membership.

My advice to anyone considering membership at Worldprofit would be to attend a live webcast presentation of the business platform, be patient in your “final decision” about Dr. Lant and try not to take him too literally when it comes to his social style and temperament.

The best way to evaluate Worldprofit and determine it’s value would be to become a “Silver Package” member for a one month trial period, which will allow you to fully leverage the system and make an educated decision… personal to you.


I trust that my comments add a perspective that you can reply on based on my actual experience and knowledge of Worldprofit and how to make it work. I welcome your comments as well as your questions. Please feel free to post your thoughts below and I will be sure to respond in kind.

Have a blessed day!

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